Life and the Meaning of Siegfried

Mr. Siegfried Oswald Kittycat

Mr. Siegfried Oswald Kittycat

This is Mr. Siegfried Oswald Kittycat. Siegfried is what cat folk call a Domestic Shorthair, with black and white Tuxedo markings. He is 3 years old, and will be 4 this June 23rd. At this very moment, he is perched upon the ledge of his cat tree that places him about 12 inches from my head, which allows him to pester me mercilessly with both meow and paw whilst I work on the computer. Siegfried is easily the Best Cat I’ve Ever Had, and my best buddy.

Like all cat owners, I have an unlimited trove of Siegfried stories with which I can bore readers, and throughout the duration of this blog, I shall pull them out of my pocket with some degree of regularity. So allow me to introduce Mr. S.O. Kittycat with some descriptive words: smart, adorable, fiesty, ornery, playful, energetic, loyal, funny, loud, talkative, picky, OCDish, savage, crazy/crazed, sweet, sleek, big-eared, long-legged, white-whiskered, pink-and-black-toed, long-skinny-tailed, white-mustachioed, curious, hunter, mischievious, and finally, CUTE.

Siggy on the bed

Siegfried 1, Newspaper 0

Siggy pink sack

I'm so freaking cute that I hide out in a pink sack

Siggy sacked out

The princess and the pea, kitty-style


About siegfrieddarling

About umpteen times a day, I'll read or see something that will instantly inspire me to write; perhaps rant a little--but in a *good* way. Walks in The City, cooking, music, street fashion, movies and TV, books, celebrity gossip (I know--it's a weakness), worst roommates ever, memories of being a high school band geek/mod girl, MUNI, and, mostly, politix all make my fingers start twitching like a Walking Dead zombie in search of a keyboard. Up until now, with the advent of siegfrieddarling, I was pestering my mum and dad with fire-breathing topical emails, to which they'd return polite one-sentence answers in the key of "that's nice, dear." So, be pleased and secure that mum and dad's emails have returned to non-tirade conversations: I've saved the tirades for YOU!
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