Jonny Cat

I just finished the cat owner’s ritual of changing the cat litter. What is it about changing the litter that makes kitties have to go right then? Every time I drag the fresh bag of Jonny Cat over to his bright orange loo, all of a sudden I’m the Most Interesting Thing Happening. As I throw out the old and pour in the new, Siegfried is absolutely fascinated; he’ll hover over to the side with his eyes wide open, totally entranced. It’s like the cat version of toilet humour.

He usually can’t even wait for me to finish before he hops into his commode and gets right to it. And it doesn’t matter if he just went five minutes ago; when that litter’s fresh, he’s gotta use it!!!

Incidentally, I use the Jonny Cat brand because A) it’s one of the only non-clumping “old-school” brands and B) (the real reason) the kitty in their logo is a complete doppelganger for Siegfried. Separated at birth?!?

Jonny Cat

The Jonny Cat...

Siggy in the cat tree

...or Siegfried: Separated at Birth?


About siegfrieddarling

About umpteen times a day, I'll read or see something that will instantly inspire me to write; perhaps rant a little--but in a *good* way. Walks in The City, cooking, music, street fashion, movies and TV, books, celebrity gossip (I know--it's a weakness), worst roommates ever, memories of being a high school band geek/mod girl, MUNI, and, mostly, politix all make my fingers start twitching like a Walking Dead zombie in search of a keyboard. Up until now, with the advent of siegfrieddarling, I was pestering my mum and dad with fire-breathing topical emails, to which they'd return polite one-sentence answers in the key of "that's nice, dear." So, be pleased and secure that mum and dad's emails have returned to non-tirade conversations: I've saved the tirades for YOU!
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