Ree-pub WHAT???/Ree-pub PLEASE!!!

On the one year anniversary of President Obama’s masterful executive leadership of the team that took out Bin Laden, he allowed himself some well-deserved pats on the back. And Mitt Romney thinks that this is something unforgivable. Mitt’s on multiple records for lazily opposing action against Bin Laden in the name of political campaigning–ooh, bad timing. According to Yahoo News, Romney had a self-righteous hissy fit that our president should be publicly congratulating himself for a brave, daring and successful piece of military maneuvering that required our leader to act, well, Presidential.

According to Romney and his ilk, this just isn’t right. I can imagine them huffing and puffing with apoplexy; “Wasn’t it enough that we kinda sorta said “job well done” a year ago?? (And asshats like Limbaugh were lightening quick to argue that Obama wasn’t actually there.) America should remember that The Party of God are the only people who get to have military victories, dammit! That Muslim Communist should shut the hell up; he’s not playing fair!” (stamps tassled loafer on ground)

One of Mitt Romney’s talents; well, one of his only talents is the ability to play dumb. Gloriously dumb and innocent in the “Did I say that?” mode, as if the Angel Moroni were at that very moment standing by his side with a golden halo, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir intoning a very holy “Aaahhh”.

Back in the W days, they labeled John Kerry as a flip-flopper, for very supposedly doing exactly what Mitty is doing right now. For instance, this Bin Laden thing. You see, President Obama was faced with the extremely difficult decision to order a covert attack upon “friendly” Pakistani soil to finally (after 12 years of really expensive Bush failures) get Bin Laden. It was a moment in which Obama was called upon to act, well, presidential. There were all kinds of repercussions if our intelligence that Obama was relying upon was wrong in any way. It could have been an unmitigated disaster that would have permanently destroyed any remaining diplomacy between us and Pakistan, and Al Quaida would have had a field day. And don’t kid yourself guys: so would have the Republicans. That shit would have been politicized in a freakin nanosecond, and you’d still be seeing Obama’s name being mercilessly dragged through the mud.

So that’s why Mitt Romney, of all people, should shut the hell up. Does he really have such a short memory span of his opinions on the matter during the last election? Hmm. Let’s see what Yahoo News has to say:
“During the 2008 presidential campaign, Romney criticized Obama for saying he would order American forces to go after Bin Laden, even on Pakistani soil. “I do not concur in the words of Barack Obama in a plan to enter an ally of ours. … I don’t think those kinds of comments help in this effort to draw more friends to our effort,” Romney told reporters on the campaign trail. He specified that what he objected to was openly discussing such operations. Romney also said he would not move “heaven and earth” to get bin Laden, then underlined that he meant that the war on terrorism was not about just one man.”
So, back then, when it was still a bold decision on Obama’s part, Romney decides to sit back and relax, and throw a couple of insults Obama’s way, like the lazy richie-frat boy he is. And, hey Mitt! Guess what…you know how you said that the war on terrorism was not about just one man??? Well, in the case of Al Quaida, it kinda was. Sorry dude–you should be happy for us–you know, your country–remember?

Fast-forward to now, when Something Presidential (and masterful) has occurred, to the great dismay of the very politicized Ree-pubs. Well, according to the Ree-pubs/Romney, now, “even Jimmy Carter would have ordered an attack”. Mitt, please. That is such a bare-facedly obvious attempt to deflect attention from your own admitted reluctance to act. And it’s so richie-frat boy of you to bring up what you think is the ‘spectre’ of Jimmy Carter–I can just hear your smug guffaw as you impugn one of our greatest diplomats ever with the assumption that “everybody” thinks Carter = ineffective.

This is why you see the tears of clown on me as I read such utter tripe as the Republicans moaning about how the Democrats are celebrating too much. Um, can you just imagine the uber-patriotism and fits of self-adulation that would have occurred if say, John McCain had ordered the Bin Laden attack? (And from all we know about the sour-tempered and rashly impulsive Crankypants McCain, he would have fucked things up royally by way overplaying his card like in the first week of his presidency. We’d have been seeing broad military strikes just about everywhere that they thought Bin Laden could have been; a tail-chasing exercise extraordinaire that the Ree-pubs would have insisted was the Right and Patriotic thing to do.) I mean, we’re talking about God’s Freaking Party. Do you really think we’d have been seeing anything else but nauseously self-aggrandizing over-celebration coupled with Limbaugh-esque blustering about “wimpy/pinko/peace-nik” Dems? Methinks not–though me also thinks that God Almightly Hisself would have been attributed, since God/Baby Jeezus hates Democrats, and especially Muslims like Obama. did an excellent job of reporting recent history of Republican atta-boys for their largely ineffective War on Terror. Remember “Mission Accomplished”? Although W hadn’t accomplished one goddamned thing at that point, other than the ability to quickly come up with a custom-made flight suit, a post-Bin Laden “Mission Accomplished” is the kind of crap we’d have had pushed down our throats, only on a much greater scale. Roll out the barn-size SUVs with 0% financing, calls to “go out and buy stuff”, and $600 refund checks already pre-signed over to Walmart. I highly recommend reading the article–it was reading that article after seeing Mitt’s comment in today’s news that has me now foaming at the mouth. Grrr.


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