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Vegans vs. the Real World

I used to be a vegan. For 6 years. It all started when I began dating E, my university-and-afterwards boyfriend who was one of the major loves of my life. He had survived testicular cancer at the young age of … Continue reading

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The Worst Roommate Ever: The Troika: B3

NOTE: The Worst Roommate Ever series is drawn nearly verbatim from the sprawling, stream-of-consciousness-esque notes I recorded during the events of the WRE saga. I wrote these notes primarily as a form of cleansing therapy, and they are exhaustive in … Continue reading

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Tails From the Darkside

Siegfried Oswald Kittycat is a feline of the Long Lean variety, and his tail is in keeping with the rest of his ectomorphic physique. His tail was one of the first things I noticed upon seeing him in his SF-SPCA … Continue reading

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A Steaming Hot Savage Mess

So there I was, innocently perusing the aisles of my local Safeway, when there, next to the magazine rack, from the shelf of pulpy supermarket paperbacks leapt that horror of modern publishing: the vanity detective/mystery novel. Specifically, cast thine eyes … Continue reading

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5 Hour Energy: a homage

I was watching TV when this little gem of a commercial came on, and my finely-tuned media mind began ticking and whirring and emitting sub-sonic blasts like Hermes-the-winged-god’s own turbo engine. So many questions! There’s the subtle overriding motif of … Continue reading

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