Tails From the Darkside

I’m invisible

All Hail the Siggy Tail!

Siegfried Oswald Kittycat is a feline of the Long Lean variety, and his tail is in keeping with the rest of his ectomorphic physique. His tail was one of the first things I noticed upon seeing him in his SF-SPCA kitty condo. Siegfried, in addition to being a tall and skinny cat. has a very short coat of fur, which serves to emphasize the whip-like nature of his tail. When he was a 3 months-old little fart, his tail was the approximate circumference of a pencil. He also had the cute habit of trotting around with his whip-like tail straight up in the air. This, along with his wide-open buggy eyes made him look cartoonishly cute, like a Keane-eyed kittycat.

Now that Siegfried has become a full-grown kitty-man, his tail has matured into a truly noteworthy appendage. After much twisting, contorting and attempts to eat the measuring tape, I finally was able to accurately measure Siegfried’s tail, and it clocks in at an impressive 12.25″–that’s over a foot long!

He’s quite adept at using it as an offensive weapon, having mastered the art of flicking it in my face as he reclines on the pillow next to me. He also has not lost his very cute habit of walking around with his tail straight up in the air, which in kitty-ese means “I’m a happy and confident little bad-ass”.

For your further amusement, here are some recent pix of Our Own Mr. Siegfried Oswald Kittycat:

Kitty ecstacy

Hi there, I’m kind of a big spazz!

Glamour shot

Hanging upside down from his cat tree


About siegfrieddarling

About umpteen times a day, I'll read or see something that will instantly inspire me to write; perhaps rant a little--but in a *good* way. Walks in The City, cooking, music, street fashion, movies and TV, books, celebrity gossip (I know--it's a weakness), worst roommates ever, memories of being a high school band geek/mod girl, MUNI, and, mostly, politix all make my fingers start twitching like a Walking Dead zombie in search of a keyboard. Up until now, with the advent of siegfrieddarling, I was pestering my mum and dad with fire-breathing topical emails, to which they'd return polite one-sentence answers in the key of "that's nice, dear." So, be pleased and secure that mum and dad's emails have returned to non-tirade conversations: I've saved the tirades for YOU!
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