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That Aurora, CO Batman Shooting

Ugh.  Another one.  Huffington Post is going nuts, with a minority of NRA/gun rights fanatics trying to sound “reasonable”.  It’s chilling how ultra-violent the gun rights crowd always sounds when they try to defend one of their own letting loose … Continue reading

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Some Hero: the Creepy Violent Murderous Pedophile Pimp STILL the Muni Shooting Activists’ Darling

While I’m sensitive to police relations with SF’s black community, activists picked THE WORST POSSIBLE martyr to put on a pedestal in Kenneth Harding Jr. This “man” was simply not a good guy. He was convicted for armed robbery, and … Continue reading

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The Worst Roommate Ever: The Troika: MD

Milquetoast Doormat; the Smelly One And so we return to the saga of The Worst Roommate Ever, where I, your gentle yet vengeful narrator introduces you to MD, Milquetoast Doormat, friend of B3 (Blonde Bitch Bomber), master of the passive … Continue reading

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