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More on the Conservative Personality: the Empathy Gap

    They’re at it again.  More revelations about the conservative personality.  This time through the Republican Congress blocking the extension of unemployment benefits, we see the intrinsic lack of empathy amongst conservatives–that is until something trying affects them.  On … Continue reading

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Chris Christie and The American Conservative Personality

This last week, New Jersey governor Chris Christie and his staff got caught being mean, vindictive bullies.  It seems that a certain Democrat mayor, Mark Sokolich of Fort Lee, had the gaul to endorse the Democrat candidate for governor, instead … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan vs. Rage Against the Machine

HuffPost had a great article about Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine’s peeved response to smarmy Ree-Pub Veep candidate Paul Ryan gushing that RATM was “his favorite band”.  I mean, sheeeeet:  can a dude be more clueless?? Paul, here’s the deal.  Rock-n-roll just … Continue reading

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Ree-pub WHAT???/Ree-pub PLEASE!!!

On the one year anniversary of President Obama’s masterful executive leadership of the team that took out Bin Laden, he allowed himself some well-deserved pats on the back. And Mitt Romney thinks that this is something unforgivable. Mitt’s on multiple … Continue reading

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The 9-Month Wonder

For Republicans, the Right-to-Life begins at conception…then ends at birth. For those 9 months, that little spoog of cellular material is the highest of holy. The strange baby-centered sentimentalism found amongst the ultra-right wingers always confounds me, as these are … Continue reading

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