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The Strange Habits of Techie-nerdus San Franciscus

Techies in this town have faced a tough crowd, both during the dot.com era of “Die Yuppie Scum” and the current time of critical articles in every issue of the local weeklies, and high-profile protests like blocking the famous “Google … Continue reading

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The Heart of the City Farmer’s Market: Stand Aside and Let the Pros Work

This Wednesday was a special day  in my weekly ritual of going to the Heart of the City Farmer’s Market:  it was the top of the glorious summer months in which every summer goodie is present and in gorgeous abundance. … Continue reading

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Some Hero: the Creepy Violent Murderous Pedophile Pimp STILL the Muni Shooting Activists’ Darling

While I’m sensitive to police relations with SF’s black community, activists picked THE WORST POSSIBLE martyr to put on a pedestal in Kenneth Harding Jr. This “man” was simply not a good guy. He was convicted for armed robbery, and … Continue reading

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