Siggy and the White Tissue Monster

Another Siggy post.  Well, it’s been awhile.  Herr VonKittykat was in crinkly paper heaven today.  I got a package in the mail that was filled with big sheets of this really thin white packing tissue and I immediately knew that a certain feline was in for a workout.  I put it down on the bed, and out of nowhere, Siegfried appeared.  I don’t know why exactly cats are so smitten with thin crinkly sheets of paper, but they sure are, and Siegfried is no exception.

It’s an obsession, and Siegfried has a long, sordid history with the crinkly stuff:  at Christmastime–with the combination of the Christmas tree that magically transformed into his forest lair, and all of the crinkly wrapping paper, his little black and white head nearly exploded.

Then there’s his everyday mauling of my newspaper.  Without fail, he’ll start stalking me as I read, then jump up on the bed and use his front paws to bat down the top center of the paper held in front of me.  Then, if I don’t stop my irritating habit of reading, when he’s right there, he’ll grab at the middle of the paper and use his teeth to tear out holes in it.  This usually is enough to signal the stupid, neglectful human trying to read his new toy to sigh and admit defeat, and then give him the newspaper to desecrate properly.

After rolling around, ripping more holes, and using his front paws to dig dig dig away, burrowing the sheets into a hidey hole/wild panther’s den deep in the dark jungle, he’ll suddenly flop down and sleep the sleep of the exhausted mighty hunter after a long day on the veldt.

The white packing tissue was even thinner and crinklier than newspaper, and proved to be utterly irresistible.  After frolicking around for a bit, he suddenly noticed that his favorite toy in the whole wide world, Orange Ball, was just across the bed, so he nipped across, grabbed Orange Ball in his mouth and returned to his crinkly white nest.  And this is what happened next:

Bad Orange Ball!! Bad Orange Ball!!

Bad Orange Ball!! Bad Orange Ball!!

Gonna kill you, gonna eat you for...Oh hey, 'sup?

Gonna KILL you, gonna EAT you for…Oh hey, ‘sup?

Predictably, he’s now sleeping soundly.  Just another day in the life of Siegfried Osvald VonKittykat.


About siegfrieddarling

About umpteen times a day, I'll read or see something that will instantly inspire me to write; perhaps rant a little--but in a *good* way. Walks in The City, cooking, music, street fashion, movies and TV, books, celebrity gossip (I know--it's a weakness), worst roommates ever, memories of being a high school band geek/mod girl, MUNI, and, mostly, politix all make my fingers start twitching like a Walking Dead zombie in search of a keyboard. Up until now, with the advent of siegfrieddarling, I was pestering my mum and dad with fire-breathing topical emails, to which they'd return polite one-sentence answers in the key of "that's nice, dear." So, be pleased and secure that mum and dad's emails have returned to non-tirade conversations: I've saved the tirades for YOU!
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